Inhouse Training


One of the major benefits on in-house training is the flexibility it offers organisations seeking to implement bespoke training, which addresses their specific business needs. The design of your company’s training program will depend on multiple factors including; organisational size, number of trainees, number of trainers, facilities available, and the desired outcomes of the training.

* Ensure that senior management firstly endorse the program

* Set training objectives that are specific and measurable

* Involve employees in the development of the training

* Keep the training aims realistic and achievable

* Use in-house training evaluation forms

* Pilot new training programs with small groups first,

* Use a range of training tools including online and offline

* In House Training is more flexible in terms of scheduling

* Travel and subsidiary cost savings for employees

* Ability to adapt training during delivery if needed

* Company will develop its own tools which can also be commercialised

* Improves internal communication within the organisation